Oh my gosh its senior picture time!  See below for how to get started:

When:  If your child graduates in 2016 the best time to shoot is either June 2015 – Oct 2015 or April – May of 2016.  My shoots are 9am or 5 to 6:30 PM  You want to avoid direct sun.

Things to keep in mind:

The earlier you book, the less you have to stress about at the end of your senior year, in addition you have your choice of season

Fall is a great season for pictures with the changing leaves but it also can get windy if shooting outside
We can’t control the weather, so please leave time to reschedule if necessary

Where:  Pretty much anywhere you would like.  I have some local suggestions if needed.

How does this whole thing work?  On the day of the shoot I take between 100 to 200 pictures.  That is when the sitting fee is paid.  Within a few days you will receive an email that will link you to all the pictures taken.  There you will pick 21 favorites and send them back to me the photographer by selecting them as a favorite.   I will edit the 21 pictures and repost only them for purchase.  The we will talk about packages.

How many outfits?  Most students’ average up to three outfits, but that is up to you.  Girls normally where at least one dresser outfit and guys wear at least one dress shirt or golf shirt.  

What kind of clothes should I wear?  The rule of thumb is to not wear something really trendy that in 20 years you look back and say “What was I thinking?”  Girls normally have three outfits, so at least one of those should be a nice solid color.  Solids are always safe to wear rather than patterns.

Can I bring my baseball bat?  You can bring anything to the shoot to incorporate your high school interests.

What about this giant pimple I have?  I’m a professional photographer. I remove blemishes, make teeth a little whiter and touch up your hair.  I will not change your appearance or remove braces.

Can I bring my dog?  Of course.

Can I bring my whole family?  You can, but understand this is your day.  It’s all about you and I need to focus on you and you need to focus on me.  The less the better.

What if it rains?  On the day of the shoot we will make that choice to reschedule.

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